We bring Awareness of your inner strength, attributes and behaviours, and help you utilise these characteristics to Grow and Change.
We can inspire you to your full potential.


People to Business

Lifeology has a strong client centric approach and we are energised by a solution aspect to the management and development of your talent pool. We close the gap between where an organisation wants to go and the required talent to take you there.

Our team specialises in:

  • HR Solution
  • Psychometric Services – Employee Selection
  • Psychometric Services – Employee Development
  • Training & Development
  • Employee Assistance, Health and Well Being
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People to People

The team at Lifeology understand that sometimes life’s challenges require impartial and professional strategies. Our interventions provide you with coping mechanisms to employ in times of crisis or difficulties.

Our team specialises in counselling for:

  • Adult
  • Adolescence
  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • Returning to workforce
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People to Sports

Being game ready is not only to be in peak physical condition but also requires you to be mentally fit and nutrition ready. Being mentally fit requires mental skills that help athletes control their minds efficiently as they execute sport goals.

This requires developing skills such as

  • Stress resilience
  • Self-esteem
  • Concentration
  • Good sportsmanship
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Awareness is the greatest agent for Growth and Change.